Everybody loves the game of Bingo and it has come a very long way since its early beginnings.

Bingo can be traced back to the 1530's where it originated in Italy.

Bingo History

Bingo originated in Italy as a lottery game called "Lo Giuoco del Lotto D' Italia."

By the eighteenth century the game spread quickly through Europe and tokens, playing cards and reading out numbers were added to the game.

In the nineteenth century it was used in schools to teach the children how to spell and to help them learn their multiplication tables.

In 1929 the game became known as "BEANO" in the US. Beano was played with dried beans, cardboard sheets and a rubber stamp. Players used Pinto or Lima beans to mark off the numbers.

The first time it was played was at a carnival near Atlanta, Georgia. A man by the name of Edwin Lowe would observe players during the game and noticed how they would get excited and shout out "BEANO"!

Lowe saw how much potential this game had and so he took the idea home to New York.
He introduced the game to his friends and family and they all enjoyed playing the game. As they all played the excitement built up as more and more numbers where called out, one of Lowe's friends was so excited that she had won and accidentally shouted out "BINGO" instead of "BEANO"!

That was when Edwin Lowe decided to market the game as "BINGO" in the US.

A Professor by the name of Carl Leffer had a brilliant idea for the Bingo game and so he helped Lowe create about 6000 different Bingo Cards as there were originally only 24 cards.

Today Bingo is extremely popular and its played worldwide. It can be played in land based casinos or online. Bingo is such an easy game to play and winners get fantastic prizes and the jackpots are forever increasing.

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Bingo History