90 Ball Bingo is very popular in Australia and Europe, it is especially popular in Ireland and the UK. Players have multiple chances of winning as there are 3 prizes to be won for each game!

90 Ball Bingo

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90 Ball Bingo

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The reason the game is called 90 Ball Bingo is because the highest ball that can be drawn is 90. The cards in 90 Ball Bingo are called tickets and each ticket has three rows and nine columns.

The tickets are sold in cards of 6. Each card has all 90 numbers spread out over the 6 tickets. In each row 5 out of 9 squares have numbers in them ranging from 1 to 90 and the rest are blank. For every ball called one number on your 6 tickets must be marked off (all 90 numbers are spread out over your 6 tickets).

Every 90 Ball Bingo game has 3 winning patterns and therefore there are 3 chances of winning. The 3 winning patterns are: a single horizontal line (5 numbers), 2 horizontal lines (10 numbers) or 3 horizontal lines (15 numbers). 3 Horizontal lines is called a Full House. Each pattern has its own prize, when the first horizontal line is won the game carries on until the next pattern is won and so on.The biggest prize goes to the player who gets a Full House.

90 Ball Bingo is easier to play the 75 Ball Bingo because 75 Ball Bingo has hundreds of complicated patterns.

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90 Ball Bingo