Bingo Lingo was created for the game because the game is played at a quite fast pace and it is difficult to type out an entire conversation.

Bingo Lingo

Bingo is a fairly fast game so Bingo Lingo was created for this very reason.

Bingo Lingo

Our Recommended Bingo Site is mFortune BingoBingo is quite a fast game and there isn't much time to type out a whole conversation word for word so Bingo Lingo was created for this reason.

Compared to other casino games, bingo is a very social pastime.
If you go to a land casino, you won’t find too many people standing around the blackjack tables talking tactics.

But when you play bingo online, you get the chance to meet other like-minded people.
Players enjoy taking breaks from gameplay and meeting each other to talk about their day and their lives.

It’s possible to combine the two, because actually playing bingo isn’t all that hard once you get used to the speed of the game.

So you can have one window open where you are playing the game, and another window where you can chat to friends.

Playing with Friends

In a land-based casino you will find that a great many people go in groups to the bingo halls, and it’s the same online. People pre-arrange when they are going to be available, and choose to play the same games at the same time.

It’s a way of keeping in touch with friends and family that is also great fun at the same time.
What’s great is that you get to celebrate each other’s wins and commiserate over the near misses.
In any online bingo game, there will be lounges available where you can go to meet up with specific people or to just hang out and see who’s online.

It can be a great place to meet new people, because right from the start there is something you have in common so it makes conversation easy.

Even if you find it hard sometimes to combine playing bingo with chatting, there is an easy answer. You can set your card to auto mark, so you don’t need to check off your own numbers, and that will allow you to give more of your attention to chatting with friends.

Below is a list of chat room abbreviations:

  • 10x - Thanks
  • 2U2 - To you too
  • ? - Please explain
  • ?4U - Question for you
  • AFAIK- As far as i know
  • AFK - Away from keyboard
  • AKA - Also known as
  • ASAP - As soon as possible
  • BAK - Back at keyboard
  • BBIAM - Be back in a minute
  • BBL - Be back later
  • BBS - Be back soon
  • B4 - Before
  • B4N - Bye for now
  • BF - Boyfriend
  • BLNT - Better Luck Next Time
  • BO - Blackout
  • BRB - Be Right Back
  • BTW - By The Way
  • CM Chat - Moderator/Master
  • CUL8R - See you later
  • CYA - See ya
  • CYAL8R - See ya later
  • DIY - Do it yourself
  • EOD - End of discussion
  • EG - Evil Grin
  • FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
  • FYI - For your information
  • GF - Girlfriend
  • GG - Good Going (Good Game)
  • GL - Good Luck
  • GL2U - Good Luck to You
  • GLA - Good Luck All
  • GLE1 - Good Luck Everyone
  • GM - Good Morning
  • GN - Good Night
  • GR8 - Great
  • GTSY - Glad to See You
  • HF - Have fun
  • HB - Hurry Back
  • IC - I see
  • IGP - I Gotta Pee
  • IMHO - In my honest opinion
  • IMO - In My Opinion
  • IS - I'm sorry
  • IRL - In Real Life
  • JK - Just Kidding
  • L8R - Later
  • L8RG8R - Later gaiter
  • LMBO - Laughing My Butt Off
  • LOL - Laughing Out Loud
  • NP - No Problem
  • N2M - Not too much
  • OTFL - On The Floor Laughing
  • OIC - Oh, I see
  • OMG - Oh my goodness
  • PLZ - Please
  • PM - Private Message
  • PMP - Pee My Pants
  • POOF - I have left the chat
  • PPL - People
  • RTF -Read the FAQ
  • QT - Cutie
  • ROFL - Rolling On The Floor laughing my a$$ off
  • ROOMIE - A chat room member - anyone who's in the chat is a roomie
  • SD - Sweet Dreams
  • SO - Significant other
  • SRY - Sorry
  • STU - Same To You
  • SYS - See You Soon
  • TC - Take Care
  • TT - Ta Ta
  • TTFN - Ta Ta For Now
  • TX - Thanx
  • TY - Thank You
  • TYU2 - Thank You & you too
  • TYVM - Thank you very much
  • U - You
  • WB - Welcome Back
  • WTG - Way to go
  • YW - You're Welcome
  • YVW - You're Very Welcome

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