75 Ball Bingo is very popular online and all over the world. This game is played with hundreds of various bingo patterns.

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75 Ball Bingo

75 Ball Bingo is very popular in Canada and the USA. There are numerous variations of the game and it changes from place to place. The reason it is called 75 Ball Bingo is because the highest number that can be called out is 75.

There are numbers assigned vertically underneath each letters:


























1-15 are assigned under B
  Between 16-30 are assigned under I
Between 31-45 are assigned under N
Between 46-60 are assigned under G
Between 61-75 are assigned under O
Blank Space

The cards have a 5x5 grid on it, 5 horizontal lines spread across 5 rows. There are 24 spaces and 1 blank space.

When the numbers are called the players need to mark those numbers off on their bingo cards. The objective of the game is to get the specific bingo pattern for that game before the other players. The first person to complete the pattern shouts out BINGO! The dealer will confirm the winning numbers and if they are correct that person wins Bingo. The next Bingo game then begins.

Each bingo game also has a “balls to jackpot” number. If the winner manages to get the pattern within this number of balls, then he wins the jackpot – usually a progressive prize.

There are so many different possible patterns in 75 Ball Bingo. The most popular patterns are the ones with 5 numbers that are arranged either diagonally, vertically or horizontally. Other patterns include: the letter 'E', the letter ' F', the letter 'O', the letter 'T', the number '8' and so many more. The most popular pattern of all is the 'coverall' pattern and that means all the squares should be covered. The 'coverall' games usually have the highest payout's.

75 Ball Bingo is a faster game then 90 Ball Bingo for two reasons, the first reason is because many of the patterns are easier to complete and the second reason is because the numbers are called out quicker.


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75 Ball Bingo