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Why do we Love to Play Bingo so Much?

The question why do we love to play bingo so much can be a very easy question to answer. When you break down the fundamentals of the game you can tell why the game has so much appeal compared to any other form of gambling.
As you are aware, online bingo can be split into two groups: online bingo and offline bingo. For the following article we are going to be discussing online bingo, but the same principles can be used for offline bingo.

Everyone loves a good banter
The majority of online bingo sites are filled with women and we are not sexist by saying this (we are just not that kind of people J ) and it is easy to see why. What do most women love to do apart from shop? Yes, you got it, talking. A game of online bingo is not just about winning; it is talking to your fellow roomies about how your job interview went the other day, or what you had for tea yesterday. Everyone loves a good banter and that is what bingo is all about.

Bank loan please
With other forms of gambling, it feels like you need a new loan or you need to re-mortgage your house just to say in the game. Bingo is not like that. You are wagering a small amount to hopefully win a decent small amount back. Bingo players know that the average win will just cover the expense of a takeaway for the family but for the few pence that you spend buying tickets this is well worth the risk.

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Excitement of winning
It is impossible for you to win every game and you have to think, if you are winning everyone is losing. This means that you may go a few games without winning and on a really bad day it may take even longer, but when you do finally win nothing can beat the feeling that you gain. Your heart starts pounding and you can gain such a thrill. Even though the amount you win may not be substantial, it is just the feeling of you winning.

Some amounts can be life changing
I know we said that the amounts you win can sometimes just only cover a takeaway but some people do occasional win big. People do win amounts such as £20,000 in certain progressive jackpot games all the time. And you know that famous saying: “you need to be in it to win it”.
As we have discussed, it is not hard to figure out why online bingo is as big as it is today with more and more people joining the bingo queue. Everyone loves the game for a different reason and only you yourself will know your own reason.

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Why do we love to play Bingo so much