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The Social Side of Online Bingo

When you first start playing online bingo, you might not realise that you’re about to access a whole new social network. People who play online bingo don’t need to concentrate when the numbers are being called as the software automatically daubs the numbers for them. This leaves them free to just keep an eye on their progress in the game while they chat and socialise with other players in the bingo chat rooms.

You’ll be able to see how many other players are in a chat room so that you can choose to go to a busy or quiet one. Chat rooms are moderated by a chat master who ensures that the chat subjects stay within the chat etiquette boundaries. This is great because it means subjects never get too heavy and there’s always a cheery atmosphere. Chat room hosts often start up chat games which are quick fire ways to win extra bingo credits or entries to a different bingo game.

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Bingo players have their own special language that they use in chat. It’s worth getting a few terms under your belt so that you’ll know what’s going on when you first enter a chat room. Below we’ve listed some of the most commonly used acronyms in bingo lingo:

  • GLEV1 – Good luck everyone! This is often seen at the start of a game and is an easy way to wish other players good fortune.
  • BBS – Be Back Soon. If you need to leave the keyboard for a few minutes, don’t leave fellow chatters thinking you’re just ignoring them; tell them you’ll be disappearing for a while.
  • DBL – Don’t Be Long. The typical response to BBS!
  • 1/2/3TG – 1/2/3 To Go. How many more numbers you need to get a full house or complete a row. Bingo players obviously get excited as they or one of their fellow players gets close to winning.
  • YNT  - You’re Nearly There. If someone sees you’re about to win, they might say this!

The more time you spend in the chat rooms, the quicker you’ll pick up the lingo. But of course, you can always type longer messages if you prefer. And when you hit it off with a fellow player, you might also want to private message them so you can have a decent chat one to one. There’s no telling how many friendships have started over a game of online bingo!

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The Social Side of Online Bingo