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Bingo - What do you really know?

We all love Bingo – be it online or the old-fashioned real game. But do you ever stop to think about how much you really know about the game; where it came from, how many different ways you can win – or how many people lay Bingo, for example?
Well, here are a few startling “did you know?” type facts that may take you by surprise. So, without further ado, eyes down…

Bingo has been with us in way or another for almost five centuries, since the 1500s, in fact, and the Italian Bingo game, the Lo Giuoco del Lotto d'Italia – and this has been held virtually every week in Italy ever since!

American toy salesman Edwin Lowe really made Bingo popular in the USA after finding out exactly how popular it was when he visited a carnival at Jacksonville in Florida, in 1929. When he went back to New York, he demonstrated Bingo to his family and friends and made it popular across the northern US states. He became known as Bingo Lowe and made two versions of Bingo – one with a twelve card set for $1 and the other with 24 cards for $2 – and by the early 40s, there were Bingo games throughout the USA.

The average length of a Bingo game is around three to six minutes – and the mean average amount spent by Bingo players is between £15 and £20.
The biggest prize by a UK Bingo player is £956k.

Bingo is played in countries representing 90% of the world’s population.
There are around 2.5million women and somewhere around half a million men who play Bingo in the UK.
Bingo numbers are called out at an average of 23 each minute.
In Australia Bingo is generally called "housie".
Bingo is the world most popular fundraising event game for charities.

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Bingo - What do you really know?